Chess classes


Chess as the game offers distinct advantages as listed below

1. while learning chess, your child becomes an indoor sportsman
2. Chess sharpens the child’s memory skills.
3. Chess sharpens the child’s strategic thinking
4. Chess creates sportive spirit at a young age
5. Chess has been a Royal Mind game.
6. India is an emerging power in Chess globally.
7. Chess enhances concentration in your child.
8. Chess is a good pastime rather than activities like TV viewing
9. For learning chess, even though there is no age barrier, the best age is
     supposed to be 8 years.
10. Chess can be a fun game within a family


Who can join?

Children from 6 years onwards

what is the duration?

Classes are conducted every week for 2 hours.

Knowledge Square is pleased to line up a series of activities to make the forthcoming holidays an enjoyable and edutaining break from regular school.

Chess Clinic

Chess ClinicChess – The king of Mind Sports

The King of brain games very popular since times unknown… taught methodically to children from 6 years onwards at Knowledge Square… The coaches are experienced international players of repute. Children are exposed to playing tournaments as often as possible to inculcate the competitive spirit…

Memory Improvement Workshop

Memory Improvement WorkshopAll knowledge is but remembrance.

Our performance is directly related to our memory... remember friends… facts… figures… to be more successful in life. Children of today keep accumulating information each minute of the day. But effective recalling makes efficient performance. Mr.Praveen, an officer from Indian navy conducts special memory enhancement sessions for Knowledge square...

Magical Methods – World leader in Vedic Mathematics

Magical Methods – World leader in Vedic MathematicsMathematics – The queen of all sciences

Is your child afraid of Mathematics- Mathophobia?!

Is your son / daughter losing marks in maths because of silly mistakes?

Is your child still doing finger counting?

The unparalleled system of mathematics from India for students from grade 6 onwards to conquer the world of mathematics now available... Its’ a gift of a lifetime...

Web Design classes

Web Design classesThis class is designed to introduce web design and the internet. Students will learn the basics and by the end of the course will be able to develop a full website from scratch. A very effective course which will inspire them to take this as a career. Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver basics will be taught during this course. Student will also learn to use color effectively, understanding fonts, desiging navigation, creating graphics, using multimedia (sound, animation and other media) and much more on your site.

Arabic & French classes by Native speakers...